Car roof rack for cars with or without rails

Northrack roof rack: Universal and for cars with or without rails

When it comes to rooftop cargo carriers, finding the right fit and proper mounting brackets might prove too much to handle. In many cases, roof racks are designed to fit a certain car model. It drastically limits the amount of available roof racks to choose from. This makes Northrack a great alternative.

What makes Northrack a great alternative to traditional roof racks is that it has a generic fit. You can mount it on most cars, and it requires no special tools.

  • Northrack is a cargo holder that’s universal and fits pretty much all car brands and models.
  • Northrack is a roof rack for cars with or without rails. It’s easy to mount.
  • Northrack is a generic cargo holder that can be used whenever it’s needed, and that’s easy to remove.

These are just a few examples of what makes Northrack a great cargo holder. We’re sure that you’ll find it to be an easier alternative to many of the other products on the market. It works great with four-door cars and is a roof rack that’s great for everything from day-to-day chores to vacations and work related projects.


What characterizes a universal cargo holder?

The term universal cargo holder  is often used without further explanation. We feel that it’s important to make clear what makes Northrack a great example of a roof rack that fits most car’s.

  • Northrack fits cars without or without rails.
  • Northrack can be used with your current and your upcoming car.
  • Northrack is a cargo holder that is suited for multiple activities.
  • Northrack is a universal cargo holder that is qualitative enough to be compared with original brand roof racks.

Even though this is just a few of the benefits of Northrack, It gives you a fair idea of what you can expect. Many of our customers have expressed the view that our universal cargo holder is much easier to use than the competitors. And we consider that as a sign of us being on the way of becoming one of the markets most practical cargo holders.

Are you unsure if Northrack is the right universal cargo holder for you? Then we suggest reading a few more of our posts to get a feeling for how Northrack is different from other options. We’re convinced that you’ll eventually decide on Northrack, and that you have discovered a roof rack that’s easier to use.

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