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Northrack is a universal soft roof rack

You should always have your roof rack at hand

Northrack is a light and flexible roof rack system developed in Sweden. Keep it in your car ready for use or bring it with you on your travel. Thanks to its design, Northrack fits virtually all 4-door cars on the market.

Northrack has undergone and been approved in a City crash test at the Research Institute of Sweden.

Northrack is perfect to store in the trunk of the car or bring it as hand luggage on the train or flight. A flexible and affordable universal system. Northrack requires neither tools nor rails and is very easy to attach.

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A soft roof rack that is easy to use

Simple to use

Northrack Soft Roof rack is attached to your car in just minutes, without the use of any tools, bad language or special grips. It's so easy that you should always have your rack in the trunk to be ready to haul that big bargain home.

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