The universal soft roof rack for your car

Northrack - A roof rack for the unexpected

Cars have a tendency to be taken for granted. But in many ways, they are truly indispensable. They allow us to travel great distances which would have been unthinkable a few generations ago. It grants us an enormous amount of freedom.

The car is also an important tool when you need to transport goods. Especially when dealing with every day items, since they seldom surpass applicable weight limits. But not having enough room to transport objects that are wide and long is an all too common problem.

Having access to a practical luggage rack that is also easy to use will solve a lot of these issues.

Northrack is available whenever you need it

In many ways, Northrack is a roof rack that’s unique. It’s really a rack for those of us who don’t really want one, but might actually need one.

Northrack is a so-called soft rack. It’s robust, reliable and fits most of the car models. This makes it a great luggage rack to keep available for those situations where you need to transport things that won’t fit in the car. Or when you need more space that what’s available.

We won’t try to describe every single scenario where Northrack might be of use. But it mounts easily and can be removed quickly. Here are a few situations where it might come in handy.

  • When transporting skis, a snowboard, paddle board or a kayak.
  • When buying floor decking, timber, boards, bars or similar items that can’t be transported inside the car.
  • When transporting bulky packages from physical stores.
  • When needing to transport ladders, scaffolds and similar tools.

No matter when you might need a roof rack, knowing that you have one available is often great for peace of mind. Compared to competitors, Northrack is so quick to mount that it can be kept available for spontaneous usage. Not always having a mounted roof rack means avoiding reduced mileage.

Extra space that doesn’t add bulk

What makes Northrack unique is that it’s a luggage rack that gives space without really requiring any. You decide where, when and how you use it. When you’re done transporting your items, you can keep it mounted or easily remove it.

The reliable construction means it will provide you with benefits and usefulness for years to come. It also ensures that Northrack handles weather, wind and rain.

Provide yourself with the ability to transport items without being limited by the car’s available storage space.

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