A roof rack that is available whenever you need it

A roof rack that is available whenever you need it

A not entirely unusual problem is that you need to transport something that you cannot fit in your car. At such time it is good to have an easy-to-use and flexible roof rack.

Northrack Soft Roof Rack is available when you need it

Northrack Soft Roof Rack is a roof rack that is unique in many ways. It's a soft roof rack, it's durable and long-lasting, easy to assemble and fits basically all cars on the market with 4 or 5 doors. In addition, it is small and light and can easily be stored in the trunk of the car. Therefore, it's an excellent accessory to have available for those occasions when you need to transport something that does not fit in the car, or need more space than is otherwise available.

There is no point in even trying to list every single situation where it might be appropriate to have access to a roof rack that can be quickly both assembled and removed. But here are some typical instances where it is very useful or necessary:

  • Bring your skis, snowboard, SUP or kayak with you
  • When you buy planks, boards, bars, pipes or other things that are too long to transport in the car. Especially if you don't have a towbar or don't want to go back with the loan trailer
  • Transport bulky packages from IKEA, Jysk, MIO or any furniture store you might want to use
  • Bring a ladder, scaffolding or similar to the summer cottage

Regardless of when you might need a roof rack, it's nice to know that you have one available. Unlike other roof racks, the Northrack Soft Roor Rack can be assembled quickly enough to be able to use it exactly when needed. This means that you avoid the increased fuel consumption that a permanently mounted roof rack causes when it is not in use.

Because the Northrack Soft Roof Rack is specifically designed to be used when needed, it takes up very little space when stored, and can easily be set aside in a corner of the garage or why not leave it in your trunk so you always have it with you you. In this way, you always have access to extra space for transporting even the most awkward things.

An extra space that does not take up space

Perhaps the most distinctive thing about the Northrack Soft Roof Rack is that it is a roof rack that gives you more space without actually taking up any space. When you are finished with your transport, you can quickly take down the railing. The reliable construction ensures that it is useful for a long time and is also resistant to weather, rain and wind. Give yourself the opportunity to transport things without having to feel limited by the size of your car.

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